Asset Distribution and Alimony

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Kansas City Asset Distribution and Spousal Support - Alimony - Attorney Seeks Justice for Clients

The process of divorce is a complex one, as it takes into consideration a number of details about each spouse before the final decision is made to dissolve the marriage. Two major aspects that must be dealt with are the issues of spousal support and the distribution of assets. Spousal support, also called alimony or maintenance, is a court determined financial allotment, assisting the economically weaker spouse in making the transition from marriage to singlehood by providing income from the economically stronger spouse in the form of payments. The distribution of assets is the process of determining how the property and assets in a marriage will be distributed among the spouses. Both processes can be complex, and require the legal counsel of experienced Lee’s Summit divorce lawyer Ronald L. Jurgeson to get you through with as little stress as possible.

How Spousal Support is Determined

In determining whether there should be spousal support, and how much it should be, the Court has to decide if one party is in need of support and if the other party has the ability to pay that support. The details involved in calculating alimony can include figuring the actual income of the parties, what sort of income the parties will have in future, and what impact will other financial assets or liabilities have on the parties, and their children, after the marriage legally ends.
Kansas spousal support attorney Ronald L. Jurgeson has the knowledge and experience to help you make sure that you either receive the spousal support you need to maintain the standard of living to which you have become accustomed, or that you pay an amount that is comfortable for you financially.

Asset Distribution

Both Kansas and Missouri are “equitable distribution” states, so all marital assets are to be divided “fairly” between spouses during the divorce. Spouses may agree on a property split before the dissolution proceedings, called a matrimonial settlement agreement or a stipulated settlement, to save time and money. If a settlement agreement cannot be reached through negotiation, the court divides the marital assets. It is crucial that you hire a skilled and effective attorney to help with this process, or you could end up with less than your “fair share.”

Effective Legal Counsel

Lee’s Summit, MO divorce attorney Ronald L. Jurgeson will do all he can to protect your interests. Call him at 816-554-6968 today.