Divorce with Children

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Kansas City, MO Divorce Attorney Make Divorce Process Easier on Children

Divorce is never easy. The sheer number of issues to deal with can seem overwhelming: managing the separation of assets and property, splitting up households, and, the hardest part, determining the custody of children. Divorce can bring both freedom and heartache to divorcing families, and a lot of what happens depends upon the legal counsel you choose to represent you during this difficult time. By contacting the Law Office of Ronald L. Jurgeson,LLC, serving Kansas and Missouri, you can rest assured that your family is in capable hands.

Kansas and Missouri Divorce

Not only dissolving the marriage, the court will also divide property, make orders regarding child custody and visitation, and determine whether there should be child and spousal support and determine payments. No matter the divorce situation, whether an amicable, uncontested one or a bitterly contested battle, it is important to consider the welfare of children involved, first and foremost. The family lawyer Ronald L. Jurgeson always takes into consideration the needs of the child, and supports his clients in making the best decisions about the care of their children.

What He Can Do For You

The Lee’s Summit Divorce and Family Lawyer Ronald L. Jurgeson has helped many Kansas and Missouri residents dissolve their marriages and provides the following services:

  • Filing for Separation
  • Filing for dissolution of marriage
  • Paternity matters
  • Child custody and visitation 
  • Child support 
  • Spousal support 
  • Property division 
  • Settlement agreements 
  • Divorce Decree Modification
  • Property valuation
  • Distribution of Assets

He always hopes that agreements can be made and matters negotiated and settled outside of court. If both parties agree on all of the matters relating to the marriage’s end, an agreement is prepared and filed with the court, and there is no court appearance required. However, if matters are not easily resolved outside of court, temporary orders must address child or spousal support and child custody, and either a court hearing will be held, or a trial before a judge may become necessary. Attorney Jurgeson tries to avoid this where possible, and always does everything he can to make the process as stress-free on your family, and your children, as is possible.

Call Today

Make all of this easier on yourself and your children: contact Kansas City, Missouri divorce lawyer Ronald L. Jurgeson at his office in Lee’s Summit at 816-554-6968 to discuss your plans to dissolve your marriage, and make sure your children have a good future.