Multiple DUI

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Kansas City, MO Criminal Lawyer Defends Clients Dealing with Multiple DUI Charges

Not a day goes by without people across the states of Kansas and Missouri being charged and convicted of DUI offenses, changing their lives forever. Many of them will lose their jobs because the consequences of being poorly represented, or unrepresented, are ruinous. Unfortunately, what these people don’t know is that they could have reduced or avoided the costly penalties resulting from multiple DUI convictions by obtaining the experienced legal counsel of Lee’s Summit, MO DUI Attorney Ronald L. Jurgeson. By obtaining the finest attorney working in Kansas and Missouri’s DUI defense, you may just reduce the negative affect these charges could have on the rest of your life.

In the states of Kansas and Missouri, judges and prosecutors believe a second, third, or even a fourth DUI charge demonstrates that a driver is both negligent and unrepentant. If you are being charged with your second, third, or subsequent drunk driving charge, you will need to have the best Kansas City DUI attorney you can get, and that attorney is Ronald L. Jurgeson.

Missouri criminal defense attorney Jurgeson has the experience and the know-how you require to successfully defend you, significantly improving your chances at winning your case. A conviction for multiple DUI offenses could result in the following consequences:

  • Extended Jail Sentences
  • Heavy fines
  • Suspension of your Driver’s License
  • Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device on your Vehicle
  • Vehicle Impoundment
  • DUI School
  • Probation 
  • Community Service

Having multiple DUI arrests on your record can limit your job prospects and future earning potential. By enlisting the assistance of Kansas Repeat DUIattorney Ronald L. Jurgeson, you can work towards positively influencing the outcome of the court proceedings, positive outcomes that cannot be reached without the skill of a top-notch DUI attorney. Lee’s Summit, MO Multiple DUI lawyer Ronald L. Jurgeson may also bring forward several issues with the evidence, possibly causing it to be disregarded or excluded. For example:

  • Demonstrating whether or not the arrest was actually legal
  • Proving whether your blood and/or breath test was correctly administered
  • Discovering whether the police committed an oversight and/or violated your rights

Missouri and Kansas DUI attorney Ronald L. Jurgeson has the experience you need to achieve favorable results. Reduce the impact these charges could have on you and your family’s life by contacting him at his Kansas City, Missouri office at 816-554-6968 to discuss your multiple DUI case.