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Independence Internet Crimes Lawyer

If you have been charged with an Internet crime, you need an attorney who is experienced in criminal defense, and technologically savvy. Ronald Jurgeson is a lawyer who can help you.

Due to the increased prevalence of computers and the astounding expansion of the Internet, we have seen criminal offenses in many new areas. Our firm believes in keeping educated on this rapidly changing area of law. Our attorney, Ron Jurgeson, has a BS in computer science with an emphasis on engineering. His education in computer science helps drive our understanding of the issues and technology behind this new field of technology law.

We have seen an increase in computer crimes, such as identity theft, fraud and pornography. Our firm is educated and experienced in defending your rights in these areas. We are uniquely positioned to defend you in the area of technology law. Contact our firm if you have been charged with a computer or Internet crime in Kansas or Missouri.

Computer Contracting

An area in which Ronald L. Jurgeson, LLC, has been able to apply standard brick-and-mortar business practices on the Internet is in computer contracting. Many times, a local small-business owner desires an online presence. The business owner will sign up with a service to help provide and maintain that online presence. We work with the small-business owner to help them draft their contract. We pay special attention to reviewing their technological requirements, communication and desired maintenance.

Intellectual Property

The ability to upload your creative vision — through artwork, photography, or the written word — and see immediate validation or peer review online is a heady experience. The problem that arises in these situations is that if someone else acquires your work and claims it as their own. Our firm has experience on either side of these types of cases. We can work to protect your intellectual property or defend you if you have been accused of intellectual property theft.

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If you need a Kansas City technology law attorney, contact Ronald L. Jurgeson, LLC, to schedule a free initial consultation. We are available to meet at any time during the week, or weekends by appointment. Our firm accepts all major credit cards as payment.